A Colombian police officer stands guard next to seized Chinese-made AK-47 replicas on Nov. 18, 2009. The guns have become so ubiquitous around the world that Russia's planned redesign may not do much to booster sales. Luis Robayo/Getty Images hide caption

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Syrian mourners in Qusayr, a few miles outside Homs, carry the body of a man killed by shrapnel, during his funeral on Tuesday. After a month-long assault by the Syrian army, rebels were forced to retreat from Homs on Thursday. Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Police restrain a student protesting against education cuts during a rally in Valencia, in eastern Spain, on Feb. 20. Spaniards are beginning to feel the effects of $20 billion in austerity measures, and discontent is growing. Juan Carlos Cardenas/EPA/Landov hide caption

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Women sit at a bus stop under election posters in Qom, about 75 miles south of Iran's capital, Tehran, on Tuesday. Iran's parliamentary elections on Friday are expected to be a contest between various conservative factions. Many candidates seeking change have been barred from running. Raheb Homavandi/Reiters/Landov hide caption

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Thousands of Russians form a 10-mile human chain around a Moscow ring road on Monday during an opposition protest against Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He is expected to win the March 4 presidential elections but is facing growing opposition. UPI/Landov hide caption

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Goudie's last canoe hangs next to the form used to mold the wood. The unfinished canoe is weighted down with sandbags to keep the canvas taut. Emma Jacobs hide caption

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Alexei Druzhinin/AP Photo

Henry Tang (shown here in September 2011), the former head of Hong Kong's civil service, was once the front-runner in the race to be the island's next leader. Now, a series of scandals has hurt his prospects. Bobby Yip/Reuters/Landov hide caption

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