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Need Music for a Road Trip?

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My wife Anna and I were packing last night for a small road trip we're taking this weekend. She got busy loading up all the essentials, like clothes, food, first aid kit, etc.

I decided it was my job to get together another big essential for the trip — the music. As I rifled through my collection, I realized that Saturday is Valentine's Day so I asked Anna what she wanted to hear. Turns out she's not so into hardcore rap or techno when she's in the car. She prefers something a little more relaxing to put her in a good mood and take her mind off the traffic.

So now I'm making her a mixtape for the road trip with some songs that not only calm you down, but also might restore your faith in humanity...both on and off the road.

Here are the first five songs on my new anti-road-rage mix.

1) Whoever You Are
Geggy Tah

2) Instant Karma
John Lennon

3) Kind and Generous
Natalie Merchant

4) Float On
Modest Mouse

5) I Can See Clearly Now
Johnny Nash

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope it's a good one.