NPR logo Celebrating Mardi Gras Outside of New Orleans

Celebrating Mardi Gras Outside of New Orleans

That's right, the Fat Tuesday party begins today down in the Big Easy. But since I can't be there to celebrate, tonight I'm planning to bring a little bit of Mardi Gras back to my modest DC apartment. I've got some beads, some purple, green, and black duds, and I'm going to try my hand at some Cajun cuisine. Now I don't do gumbo, but I am looking into making beignets. I've found a great recipe here, which purports to be better than the batter mix you get from the famous Cafe Du Monde. Here you can watch "Bugsy" experience a tasty beignet.

Oh Bugsy you slay me!

It seems as though the secret to great beignets is to get the oil hot enough so the little fried fritters rise to the top. The only problem is the last time I fried something in my kitchen (latkes for Hannukah) the smell consumed the whole apartment building and soon after my neighbors came knocking wanting to get in on the action. Perhaps I should double the recipe...