Patients wait in line at Nuestra Clinica Del Valle in San Juan, Texas, in September 2012 file photo. A study released on Wednesday finds that immigrants, particularly noncitizens, heavily subsidize Medicare, and that policies that restrict immigration may deplete Medicare's financial resources. Eric Gay/AP hide caption

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A dental researcher says he's concerned that excessive soda consumption is leading to severe erosion of teeth. hide caption

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To fight antibiotic-resistant staph germs like these, a study suggests disinfecting the skin of all intensive care patients. Janice Carr/CDC hide caption

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Evidence is growing that bariatic surgery reduces health risks of obesity. Life in View/Science Source hide caption

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Going to the doctor may be uncomfortable for people who are worried about weight. hide caption

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The origin of itch has confounded scientists for decades. Oktay Ortakcioglu/ hide caption

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Floodwaters from Superstorm Sandy destroyed the first floor of this house in Staten Island, New York. Most of the people who drowned during the storm died in their homes in low-lying areas of New York and New Jersey. Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Canned peaches can pack as many, or in some cases, more nutrients than fresh ones, research suggests. But be sure to skip the added syrup. Matthew Staver/Bloomberg via Getty Images hide caption

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