Customers walk past a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Toyota brought in 19 percent of African-American buyers, 22 percent of Latino buyers and 33 percent of Asian-American buyers. Yoshikazu Tsuno/Getty Images hide caption

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Although the recession ended two years ago, Americans are still feeling the effects. Consumers are continuing to rely on thrifty measures to push their money further. Chris Hondros/Getty Images hide caption

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The Fireside Book Shop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, makes a sale. Amy Sancetta/AP hide caption

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Why So Glum? Economic Optimism Dims

The latest surveys show both business owners and consumers have been losing confidence in the U.S. economy. That pessimism is just the latest blow to hopes for a speedy recovery.

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A screen shot of Doritos Asylum 626 project, an interactive, online horror movie created to attract teenage consumers. Asylum 626 hide caption

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Airline passengers pay wildly different amounts of money to take the same flight. Airlines reporter Scott Mayerowitz says one way to pay less is to shop for tickets in the middle of the week. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption

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The Getaround app (above) lets users rent personal cars from other members. The photo-sharing service Path (below) allows its users to have a maximum of 50 friends. Getaround hide caption

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