Aura Estrada (left) and Francisco Goldman were married in August 2005 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. A few months shy of their two-year anniversary, Aura died in a freak body surfing accident. Goldman's novel, Say Her Name, both remembers and fictionalizes his grief, their marriage and her infectious, passionate personality. Rachel Cobb hide caption

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In 1970, a scholarship took Deval Patrick from Chicago's South Side to Milton Academy, a boarding school in Massachusetts. Courtesy of Gov. Deval Patrick hide caption

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"We use purified drinking water to flush our toilets and water our lawns. That doesn't make any sense," says Charles Fishman. "In an era of scarcity, we won't need to limit whether we have water to boil pasta or take a bath. But we will think differently about a whole portfolio of water. There will be different kinds of waters for different uses. And water itself will get smart." hide caption

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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe stands at his 2008 inauguration ceremony at the statehouse in Harare. Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi /AP hide caption

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The front cover for A Present for Milo, a top children's book app from Ruckus Media Group. This and other kids' books apps are redefining the way children are reading. Ruckus Media Group hide caption

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In a new biography of Joe DiMaggio, author Jerome Charyn writes that "there was a kind of heartbreak, as we worried that he might disappear in that enormous expanse of space ... that the leaping gazelle we saw was some aberration, a phantom put there by our own wish to create some creature more perfect than ourselves. No fellow human being could possibly look that good, but DiMaggio did." Hulton Archive/ Getty Images hide caption

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