Nina Totenberg and David Reines at their wedding in 2000. Courtesy of Nina Totenberg hide caption

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When he was being abused, Rogelio Martinez says his teacher, Lisa Moya King, showed him that he was not alone. StoryCorps hide caption

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Renee Montagne and Jim Wildman in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, in photos they took of each other. In the background is the space where the giant Buddhas were located before the Taliban blasted them out. Courtesy of Jim Wildman/NPR hide caption

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NPR's Mike Pesca (right) reminisces about his middle school days with former teacher Kevin Sheehan. Courtesy Mike Pesca hide caption

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Army Spc. Matthew Bolar attended the NFL's NFC championship game in January 2007 with his father, Gordon. A few months later he was killed by an IED. Courtesy of Gordon Bolar hide caption

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Ellene Montagne decided at 10 she wanted to be a pilot. She's pictured here in 1947 near Fort Belvoir, Va., where she learned how to fly at a local airport. Courtesy of Michael Montagne hide caption

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NPR's Guy Raz and Robert Siegel chat about Siegel's first days in radio. Friday is the National Day of Listening, a chance to sit down with a loved one, turn on a tape recorder, and ask that person about his life. John Poole/NPR hide caption

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