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A question: can you predict Alzheimer's by a careful analysis of someone’s writing? An English professor has suggested there are tell-tale signs of early Alzheimer's in Agatha Christie’s book, Elephants Can Remember. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Magritte's 1964 painting The Intimate Newspaper gets us thinking: Who is this? A familiar friend or a complete stranger? Rene Magritte/Corbis hide caption

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The 12-inch gold-plated records contain greetings in 59 languages, samples of music from different cultures and eras, and natural and human-made sounds from Earth. One record is currently 16.89 billion km from Earth, the other is over 13 billion km away. NASA Center: Jet Propulsion Laboratory hide caption

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In one experiment, Ramachandran used a mirror and a cardboard box to perform the first "successful amputation of a phantom limb." The Center for Brain and Cognition, UCSD hide caption

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