Glass on Glass: Philip Glass (left) and Ira Glass are second cousins. Pavel Antonov/St. Ann's Warehouse hide caption

toggle caption Pavel Antonov/St. Ann's Warehouse

Joe Hagan's cover story in the Jan. 22 edition of New York Magazine details why the 2012 election will be the "most negative in the history of American politics." New York Magazine hide caption

toggle caption New York Magazine

Stew. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of the artist

"Making a movie is a great distraction from the real agonies of the world," filmmaker Woody Allen told Fresh Air in 2009. Brian Hamill/MGM/PBS hide caption

toggle caption Brian Hamill/MGM/PBS

Luck, the new HBO drama created by David Milch, is about the inside world of horse racing. Gusmano Cesaretti /HBO hide caption

toggle caption Gusmano Cesaretti /HBO

An illustration shows heretics being tortured and nailed to wooden posts during the first Inquisition. Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption

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Johnny Otis (center), shown playing with his band The Johnny Otis Revue. Charlie Gillett Collection/Redferns Via Getty Images hide caption

toggle caption Charlie Gillett Collection/Redferns Via Getty Images

Brad Pitt, left, plays Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A's, in the movie Moneyball. His assistant Peter Brand is played by Jonah Hill. Melinda Sue Gordon/Sony Pictures hide caption

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Etta James onstage at the 2009 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Rick Diamond/Getty Images hide caption

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The Shroom With A View: Mushrooms are fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting bodies found all over the world. They can grow in practically any environment with moisture. hide caption

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In Shame, Brandon (Michael Fassbender) pursues sex not for pleasure but to fulfill a driving compulsion. Fox Searchlight Pictures hide caption

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