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The Best Of 'Monitor Mix' By Carrie Brownstein

Our favorite musings for musical curmudgeons and recovering hipsters.

Recent The Best Of 'Monitor Mix' By Carrie Brownstein

Love and Rockets

May 13, 2010 On the search for artists who find their audience on their second, third or even fourth try.

The Ten Commandments of Rock and Roll

May 12, 2010 The roadie rules to live by are are self-effacing, bordering on masochistic.

Wet Hot American Summer

May 4, 2010 What summer-camp or school songs that have left an indelible impression on you?

Record store

April 15, 2010 What was the first record store that shaped, inspired or merely catered to your musical tastes?

Fan letter

April 14, 2010 The first fan letter Carrie ever wrote was to Ricky Schroder. Who was yours?

John Cougar

March 23, 2010 Anyone who's old, or getting there, doesn't need a reminder, yet many songs do just that.

Alex Chilton

March 18, 2010 Alex Chilton is gone. And it hurts.

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About Carrie Brownstein

Brownstein was a member of the rock band Sleater-Kinney. She authored NPR Music's 'Monitor Mix' blog from 2007-2010.

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