Sergio Mendes, shown here in August 2014, grew up with classical music. But when he heard a jazz record for the first time, he fell in love with the improvisational possibilities. Omar Vega/Invision/AP hide caption

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For veterans like Tim Maynard, scuba diving provides relief from symptoms of PTSD. Maynard goes diving once a week, exploring the Florida Keys and shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina. Courtesy of Tim Maynard hide caption

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Jason Wright, seen here during his 15-month deployment to Iraq, served in the military for nine years before resigning last week. Courtesy of Jason Wright hide caption

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Red Cross volunteers prepare to bury the body of an Ebola victim in Pendembu, Sierra Leone, early this month. Tommy Trenchard for NPR hide caption

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The Premiers in 1964. From left: Tony Duran, John Perez, Lawrence Perez, Frank Zuniga and George Delgado. Warner Bros. / Courtesy of Mark Guerrero hide caption

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Danny Trejo's big break came about partly because of a prison tattoo on his chest, depicting a woman wearing a sombrero. Thanks to that distinctive mark, a screenwriter recognized him as a champion boxer. Carlos Jasso/AP hide caption

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Imogen Davis catches Rufus, a Harris hawk, in the stands above Centre Court at Wimbledon. Rufus scares off pigeons who try to eat the ryegrass on the tennis court Third Party hide caption

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Zeena Bhatia plays Poonam, an aging actress, in the new film Miss Lovely, which exposes India's underground porn industry. DADA Films hide caption

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Members of the L.A. Fathers Program practice a role-playing exercise — standing on chairs and yelling to see what it feels like when an adult yells at a child. Courtesy L.A. Fathers Program hide caption

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Mormon missionaries pray before the start of their Mandarin Chinese class at the Missionary Training Center, in Provo, Utah. Rick Bowmer/AP hide caption

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Lance Armstrong (left) and Tyler Hamilton compete in the 90th Tour de France in 2003. Hamilton later testified in the doping case brought against Armstrong and the U.S. Postal cycling team Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Because of the dry conditions, the Angeles National Forest in Southern California is experiencing "very high" fire danger. Tom Dreisbach/NPR hide caption

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