The Donnell family once earned twice as much as they do now per year, but they cut back -- by choice -- to focus on what mattered most to them. Clockwise are Gregg, Lola, Kelly and Isabel. Tedd Robbins/NPR hide caption

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Terry Walter grows hay, wheat and corn and runs well over 2,000 cows on about 3,000 acres in Colorado. Barry Gutierrez for NPR hide caption

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Darryl and Kristina Pendergrass and their sons, William, 3, and Ian, 20 months. The family gets by on Daryl's $43,000-a-year salary as a biologist with the Alabama Department of Public Health. Debbie Elliott/NPR hide caption

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Originally from St. Louis, Mo., Jada Irwin moved to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area for work. As a single woman, she likes where she lives, but if she were to have children, she says, she would move to South Carolina or somewhere similarly less expensive. Mito Habe-Evans/NPR hide caption

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Truck supervisor Bernard Levey with his family in front of their home in the then-new Levittown, Pa., housing development in 1950. Bernard Hoffman/Time Life/Getty Images hide caption

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Sue Spencer, 50, stands with her daughter Gaelyn Spencer, 17, in front of their home in Marlborough, N.H. Erik Jacobs for NPR hide caption

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