Samantha Kerr prepares coffee at Artifact Coffee in Baltimore, MD. Maggie Starbard/NPR hide caption

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Maggie Starbard/NPR

Watch as global population explodes from 300 million to 7 billion.

Adam Cole, Maggie Starbard/NPR hide caption

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Spooked by a noise, giraffes in northwest Namibia interrupt lunch to look around. John W. Poole/NPR hide caption

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Maggie Starbard/NPR
Claire O'Neill/NPR

A painter touches up one of the bridge's cables. When it came time to decide the paint color for the bridge, consulting architect Irving Morrow wanted a warm hue to contrast with the cool grays, blues and greens of San Francisco Bay. Courtesy of hide caption

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The Golden Gate Bridge's Accidental Color

In the 1930s, the now-iconic hue "international orange" was a radical choice, originally meant to serve only as the primer.

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A photo excerpted from Modernist Cuisine shows the cross-section of a grill, illustrating inner-workings of the cooking process. The Cooking Lab hide caption

itoggle caption The Cooking Lab

At a party outside Brisbane, Australia, nursing students sing i-Kiribati songs. Brian Reed for NPR hide caption

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There are no proper roads in Cabaret, just tracks worn in the dirt and paths that wind amid haphazardly fenced plots. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption

itoggle caption David Gilkey/NPR

Each year, composer Robert Kyr travels to the secluded Monastery of Christ in the Desert, in New Mexico, to write his music. Karen Kuehn hide caption

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