At Coral Way Elementary School in Miami-Dade County, students take classes in Spanish in the morning, then switch to English in the afternoon.

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Four's The Score: One of a handful of performers to score an EGOT — an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony — Rita Moreno is revisiting the highlights and lowlights of her life and career in a new solo show.

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Natalie Ochoa (left) and her mother, Betty Ochoa, say that services at the New Life Covenant church are less formal than those of the Catholic church they once attended.

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U.S. Hispanics Choose Churches Outside Catholicism

As their numbers grow in the U.S., Latinos are not only changing where and how they worship; they're also beginning to affect the larger Christian faith.

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Malin Alegria lives in San Jose, Calif., where she teaches and writes.

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A Spanish-language pamphlet for Cingular phone-rate information is displayed in a Cingular store in Elmhurst, Ill. Cingular announced in 2006 that it was converting 420 of its stores to "a bilingual concept," with both English and Spanish phone information and payment options, and bilingual staff members.

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Heineken USA

Movie star Salma Hayek poses with "Dora the Explorer" during a 10th anniversary event last year. Dora, voiced by Caitlin Sanchez, is only one of the most recent Latino stars in a long history of Latinos on television.

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Jose Zacarias lives in an old farmhouse flanked by corn and soybean fields near the edge of town. The Mexican-born immigrant came to West Liberty more than 25 years ago.

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