Richard Blanco reads his poem "One Today" during President Obama's second inaugural, on Jan. 21. Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Iambic pentameter, a type of poetic line which Shakespeare often wrote, appears on Twitter as well. A program called Pentametron collects such tweets and turns them into poetry. Source image: AP hide caption

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American poet Robert Frost, shown here in 1955, died on Jan. 29, 1963. Now, 50 years after his death, a rare collection of letters, audio and photographs sheds new light on his religious beliefs. AP hide caption

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William Shakespeare, depicted in this 17th century painting, penned his sonnets on parchment. Now his words have found a new home ... in twisting strands of DNA. Attributed to John Taylor/National Portrait Gallery hide caption

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John Keats' poetry lends itself to memorization particularly well. Fortunately, you can learn his texts by heart without having to adopt his moody pose. Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption

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Emily Musette Hays performs in the 2012 Poetry Out Loud finals in Washington, D.C. The U.S. competition served as a model for the U.K.'s Poetry By Heart contest. James Kegley/The Poetry Foundation hide caption

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Poet Richard Blanco is the author of City of a Hundred Fires, Directions to the Beach of the Dead and Looking for the Gulf Motel. Nico Tucci/Courtesy Richard Blanco hide caption

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Four U.S. soldiers, runners for the 315th Infantry, pose in France in November 1918. The troops reportedly carried official orders to Lt. Col. Bunt near Etraye, France, shortly before noon, Nov. 11, 1918, announcing that the armistice had been signed, thereby ending World War I. AP hide caption

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Idra Novey visits NPR headquarters in Washington. Ryan Smith/NPR hide caption

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Mary Oliver has won a Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Rachel Giese Brown hide caption

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