Julianna Barwick and her band pause for a picture outside KEXP in Seattle. Beth Crook/KEXP hide caption

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Julianna Barwick, 'One Half' (Live)


As gentle as they are, the ethereal sounds of singer Julianna Barwick possess prescription-strength power. Watch her perform "One Half," from this year's gorgeous Nepenthe, live in KEXP's studios.

Yuna performed live on KCRW Dec. 11. Alex Pieros/KCRW hide caption

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Yuna, 'Falling' (Live)


Since releasing a self-titled EP in 2008, audiences have been enraptured by Yuna's alluring vocal style. Watch her perform the opening song from her album, Nocturnal, live on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Jagwar Ma performed live on KEXP Dec. 10. Dave Lichterman/KEXP hide caption

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Jagwar Ma, 'Come Save Me' (Live)


With its debut album, Howlin', the young Australian trio is on a quest to revitalize the Madchester sounds of Britpop past. Watch them perform "Come Save Me," recorded live in the KEXP studios.

Gregg Lewis/KCRW

Nightmares On Wax, 'I Am You' (Live)


Watch DJ and producer George Evelyn perform with a live band in KCRW's studios. Nightmares on Wax unearths a deep cut, "I Am You," and brings it to life with help from a miniature gospel choir.

The Head and the Heart performs live at KEXP's studios in Seattle. Renata Steiner/KEXP hide caption

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The Head And The Heart, 'Let's Be Still' (Live)


The Seattle folk-rock band begs for a moment of peace on the title track to its new album, Let's Be Still, and who can't empathize with that? Watch The Head and the Heart perform the song live.

Of Montreal performs live at KCRW on Nov. 11, 2013. Gregg Lewis/KCRW hide caption

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Of Montreal, 'Fugitive Air' (Live)


Kevin Barnes has led the Georgia band's fans on a wild journey of musical evolution for the past 17 years. Watch Barnes and company perform "Fugitive Air" live on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

The Waterboys performed live at KEXP on Oct. 11. Charina Pitzel/KEXP hide caption

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The Waterboys, 'Mad As The Mist & Snow' (Live)


Thirty years after forming, the lively Irish group continues to turn out smart, bluesy music. Watch The Waterboys perform "Mad As The Mist & Snow" live in KEXP's Seattle studios.

Glasser performs lives on KCRW. Alex Pieros/KCRW hide caption

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Glasser, 'Shape' (Live)


Cameron Mesirow, a.k.a. Glasser, makes soaring, uncategorizable music in the same vein as Bjork. Watch Mesirow and percussionist Shayna Dunkelman perform "Shape," from Glasser's new album.

Aaradhna Patel performed live for OPB in Portland, Ore. Kathryn Boyd-Batstone/OPB hide caption

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Aaradhna, 'Keep My Cool' (Live)


A big winner at 2013's New Zealand Music Awards was Aaradhna, who took three major awards including Album Of The Year for Treble and Reverb. Aaradhna recently visited OPB's studios in Portland.

Nicolas Jaar of the duo Darkside performs live on KCRW. Gregg Lewis/KCRW hide caption

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Darkside, 'Paper Trails' (Live)


Producer Nicolas Jaar and multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington appeared on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic in advance of a secret LA show. Watch them perform their song "Paper Trails."