Y La Bamba perform in October of 2010. Inger Klekacz/Oregon Public Broadcasting hide caption

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Y La Bamba: The Pride Of Portland


The Oregon-based band showed off their unique indie pop meets canciones mix in this performance.

Nada Surf performs at KEXP. Dave Lichterman/KEXP hide caption

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Nada Surf: Music To Live By


Even after nearly 20 years on the road, Nada Surf plays with the vigor and vitality of a new band.

Penguin Prison's new, self-titled album is out now. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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KCRW Presents: Penguin Prison


From Michael Jackson to Lana del Rey, Penguin Prison put its breadth of style on full display.

KCRW Presents: Penguin Prison

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Davila 666 live at KEXP. Jim Bennett/KEXP hide caption

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Davila 666's Gritty 'Ciudad'


The Puerto Rican garage-rockers kick out the jams with 'Ciudad,' a gritty ode to San Juan.

Shabazz Palaces performing at KEXP. David Lichterman/KEXP hide caption

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Shabazz Palaces: Bop Hard


Seattle's otherworldly hip-hop group brings their hypnotic, battering low end beats to KEXP.

THEESatisfaction performing at KEXP. Alex Crick/KEXP hide caption

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THEESatisfaction: A Rare Combination


The Seattle hip-hop duo embody the rare combination of thoughtful and fun to KEXP's Street Sounds.

Austra performs at KEXP. Brittney Bush Bollay/KEXP hide caption

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Austra: Commanding Darkness


The band masterfully mixes classical and electronic sounds to accompany its dark, riveting vocals.

Arturo Sandoval playing a beautiful instrument, beautifully. Justin Steyer/KVIX hide caption

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Arturo Sandoval: The Music In His Heart


One of the world's foremost jazz trumpeters delights with two masterful performances of standards.

Ryan Adams' most recent album, Ashes and Fire, is out now. Jeremiah Garcia /KCRW hide caption

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KCRW Presents: Ryan Adams


The prolific singer-songwriter and storyteller gives an energetic, spontaneous studio performance.