Favorite Sessions Exclusive studio sessions recorded at public radio stations across the country.

Pierre-Laurent Aimard and the Art of the Etude

American Public Media

An Etude is basically a practice piece, designed to improve a certain aspect of technique. But the Etudes Claude Debussy composed go far beyond that. Pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard unfolds the layers of colorful detail in Debussy's Etudes, in the studio with host Fred Child.

Blanchard Rebuilds New Orleans in Song


Part of jazz trumpeter and composer Terence Blanchard's A Tale of God's Will served as the soundtrack to Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke documentary about Hurricane Katrina. Blanchard shares two solo piano performances with WBGO's Josh Jackson.

Erik Friedlander: 'Sifting the Shoals of Time'

Erik Friedlander's Block Ice & Propane contains ballads and hymns to a life most Americans could make common cause with, along with people who relate to what is most nomadic in America.

Andrew Bird: Songs from the 'Armchair'


Andrew Bird incorporates string arrangements and intelligent lyrics into a batch of strong, alluring pop songs. The violinist, guitarist and songwriter joined David Dye, host of WXPN's World Cafe, for an interview and in-studio performance.

Anne-Sophie Mutter's Journey to Mozart

American Public Media

Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter has been making her way through all of Mozart's major violin works. She stopped by the studio, with her longtime pianist and collaborator Lambert Orkis, to play selections from Mozart's Violin Sonatas.

Susan Werner Finds Her Gospel Truth


Werner's new album, The Gospel Truth, tackles issues surrounding religious faith without threats of hellfire and brimstone. She showcases material from the disc, and talks about her messages, in an interview and performance from FolkAlley.com.

Grizzly Bear: Haunted Songs from a 'Yellow House'


Grizzly Bear's music is an equally intimate and intense take on indie-folk, complete with ambitious arrangements, unique instrumentation and dreamy, almost choral doo-wop harmonies. Hear an interview with the Brooklyn band, as well as a performance on KEXP in Seattle.

Improvising with Keith Jarrett on 'Piano Jazz'

Jarrett is known to spontaneously improvise entire concerts with no planning beforehand. He is equally versed in jazz, classical music and the American songbook. Marian McPartland cornered Jarrett after his Carnegie Hall concert and asked him to guest on Piano Jazz.