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Holiday Books

Independent Booksellers' Picks: Fiction and Food()  

December 14, 2007 A trio of independent booksellers have mostly novels and food books on their minds this holiday season. The titles they've picked range from An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England to a new translation of War and Peace.


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In the Winter Cold, Warmth and Light on the Page()  

Guy reading in a tent, at dusk, on a snowy mountain.

December 7, 2007 Novelist Geraldine Brooks, poet Robert Hass, Western essayist William Kittredge: from critic Alan Cheuse, an array of books to keep winter's chill and the ever-earlier dark at bay — at least in the circle of light by the reader's chair.


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Big-Bang Gift Books: Visual Dazzle, Thoughtful Thrills()  

November 28, 2007 From vibrantly colored creatures lurking in the depths of the oceans, to Christian Dior dresses, to ruins in America, this year's holiday gift books span a wide variety of subjects, sizes and budgets.


'Fresh Air' Book Critic: Words Worth Giving()  

December 12, 2007 Fresh Air's resident book critic surveys the shelves and offers a few recommendations for what the bibliomanes in your life might like to find inside the gift wrap.


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Caroline Kennedy's 'Family Christmas'()  

Caroline Kennedy

December 6, 2007 Caroline Kennedy's new Christmas anthology opens with her 1962 letter to Santa. In it, she wished for skates, dolls and a "pet reindeer" for herself and "some noisy thing" for her brother John. But a family tradition shunned toys for oranges and walnuts.


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'A Christmas Memory' of Traditions and Fruitcake()  

Josh Kilmer-Purcell PRIMARY

December 5, 2007 Each year at holiday time, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his family exclaimed, "Oh, my! It's fruitcake weather, Buddy!" But it wasn't until he was an adult that he understood the true meaning of Truman Capote's simple line.


The Season for Seasonings: Holiday Cookbooks()  

Primary: Mustard Dill Potatoes

November 28, 2007 This year's cookbooks are all about the seasonings — and honing basic kitchen skills, writes T. Susan Chang. The 2007 cookbook shelf has a stylish gift idea for everybody, from your grill-crazy carnivore of an uncle to your vegan massage therapist.


Secrets, Scandals, Simplicity: Stockings Full of Books()  

November 26, 2007 Torrid love affairs, biting satire, revolutionary recipes — there's enough tasty material in this list to quench the literary appetites of your entire family.


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Printable List of Recommended Books and CDs()  

December 12, 2007 A printable list of lists. Get the details on Holiday Book and CD picks from all our critics — the complete listing of recommended titles is here.


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