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The Score On Sports With Frank Deford

Fans who are tired of the NBA lockout can get some basketball entertainment from a new show, Lysistrata Jones, which opens on Broadway next month.

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The (Basketball) Show Must Go On

It's a desperate time for fans of the NBA. Frank Deford provides an alternative entertainment idea for basketball junkies.

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Bored with a best-of-seven series? Frank Deford has some alternative suggestions.

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Sometimes, One Is Enough

In an era of reality TV and short attention spans, Frank Deford wonders if the best-of-seven game series is really such a good idea.

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It's hard to relate America's love for the NFL to the broader national temperament — but the league now dominates all sports. Here, a young Oakland Raiders fan watches his team on a recent Sunday.

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Despite the popularity of college football, according to Frank Deford, only 14 athletic departments show a profit. Why? Because football has to cover the costs of the college sports that lose money.

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Opening night for Guys and Dolls on Broadway or, for Frank Deford, "Guys and Guys." Joe Corrigan/Getty Images hide caption

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We're All Just 'Guys'

It used to be that guys were guys and girls were girls. But now everyone's a guy and Frank Deford is confused.

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Pam Oliver, sideline reporter for Fox Sports, interviews head coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers as he leads his team against the Denver Broncos. Doug Pensinger/Getty Images hide caption

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The NCAA lost control of college football contracts in the 1980s, forcing it to rely on fees paid to broadcast its annual basketball tournament. Here, CBS broadcasters Jim Nantz, left, and Clark Kellogg interview North Carolina coach Roy Williams and player Ty Lawson after a 2009 game. Joe Murphy/Getty Images hide caption

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President Obama is presented with a Green Bay Packers football jersey by quarterback Aaron Rodgers (left) during a White House ceremony on Aug. 12 honoring the Super Bowl XLV champions. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP hide caption

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The sun sets over Coors Field in Denver. While summer nights are perfect for baseball, late-season games can get a little chilly. Doug Pensinger/Getty Images hide caption

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On his 56-year quest, Dick Wessels visited all of the Division I college football stadiums. David Lee/iStockphoto.com hide caption

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"Pick up your playbook and go see the coach" — a phrase no NFL player wants to hear. Peter Morgan/AP hide caption

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Former Michigan State football player Charles Aaron "Bubba" Smith raises his arms during a 2006 ceremony at which his jersey number was retired. Smith died at his home in Los Angeles on Aug. 3. John Gwillim/AP hide caption

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Thinking Back On Bubba Smith

Former professional football player Charles Aaron "Bubba" Smith died last week. Commentator Frank Deford has this remembrance.

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NCAA President Mark Emmert address the media during a press conference before the second round of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament at the Verizon Center on March 17 in Washington, D.C. Nick Laham/Getty Images hide caption

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Jesse Owens crosses the finish line in Berlin to win the 100-meter sprint, one of four events in which Owens won gold medals at the 1936 Olympics. Keystone/Getty Images hide caption

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At last year's HOPE Week, pitcher Mariano Rivera warmed up with Jorge Grajales before the New York Yankees played the Detroit Tigers. Grajales threw out the game's first pitch. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images hide caption

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