Sharing And Preserving The Stories Of Our Lives

Dorothy Biebrich's red scooter helped Winslow Jackson break the ice with her back in 2006. Today the couple, shown here at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, spend their days having fun together. Courtesy of the Jacksons hide caption

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Laura (left) and Phil Donney (right), with their Aunt Abby, whom they call "Tabby." Liebman Family Photo hide caption

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Amanda, Les and Thea GrantSmith spoke about Les' transition from a woman to a man in 1997. StoryCorps hide caption

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Before he was three years old, Grant Coursey underwent several surgeries for a cancerous tumor. The Coursey Family hide caption

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The barber shop run by Anthony Bravo Esparza — whom everyone knows as "Dreamer" — is a fixture at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System's West Los Angeles Campus. Paula Berger hide caption

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Gwendolyn Diaz and her husband, Henry Flores, at StoryCorps in San Antonio. StoryCorps hide caption

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Roger Alvarez (left) did not graduate from high school, despite the efforts of his former English teacher, Antero Garcia. At 22, Alvarez still hopes to get his GED. StoryCorps hide caption

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