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The Dubrow's Cafeteria on Eastern Parkway in New York, circa 1945. Van and Shirley Harris were regulars at the restaurant, along with a colorful cast of characters. Brian Merlis and Eve Lyons hide caption

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A store burns during the Los Angeles riots in April 1992. Three colleagues at a local radio station watched the riots from their studio on Crenshaw Boulevard, as listeners called in to share their own stories. Douglas C. Pizac/AP hide caption

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The New London School Explosion of March 18, 1937, killed hundreds of students in the East Texas town. London Museum in New London/AP hide caption

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Dorothy Biebrich's red scooter helped Winslow Jackson break the ice with her back in 2006. Today the couple, shown here at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, spend their days having fun together. Courtesy of the Jacksons hide caption

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Laura (left) and Phil Donney (right), with their Aunt Abby, whom they call "Tabby." Liebman Family Photo hide caption

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Amanda, Les and Thea GrantSmith spoke about Les' transition from a woman to a man in 1997. StoryCorps hide caption

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