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Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman makes his way through the media as he leaves a polling station in Manchester, N.H., on Tuesday. He's one of the candidates young Mormons are often asked about as they proselytize. Adam Hunger/Reuters/Landov hide caption

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Supporters of Barack Obama hold signs as they listen to the then-candidate speak at an elementary school in Iowa in 2007. Crucial to his 2008 election, many young people have since grown disenchanted with the president. Scott Olson/Getty Images hide caption

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Youth Radio's Sayre Quevedo, 19, attends community college and lives in Oakland, Calif. Courtesy of Youth Radio hide caption

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An Early College Economics Lesson For One Student

Youth Radio's Sayre Quevedo had to scale back his college plans once he realized his dreams were bigger than his wallet.

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A photograph of Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen is seen Thursday at a vigil. Olsen was severely injured during a standoff between police and protesters in Oakland, Calif., two days earlier. He remains hospitalized.

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Malin Alegria lives in San Jose, Calif., where she teaches and writes.

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High-heeled shoes hang from a gated window in an empty alley behind the National Lodge motel. The Oakland city attorney has filed suit against the motel, arguing that it knowingly facilitates child sex trafficking. Courtesy of Denise Tejada hide caption

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Tara Billinger (left) and Kali Fontecchio star as endlessly amused aliens in Gigglers, which premiered at Channel 101 in May 2011. Via Channel 101 hide caption

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Maya wears the EEG cap and watches the commercial at the headquarters of NeuroFocus in Berkeley, Calif. Courtesy of Youth Radio hide caption

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Oakland police used to put a priority on arresting johns. But with cuts in funding, the police now target the girls who've been trafficked for sex. Brett Myers/Youth Radio hide caption

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Oakland, Calif., in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been dubbed by the FBI as a "high-intensity child prostitution area." Oakland officials say that a third of teenage girls working in prostitution there were abducted and forced onto the streets, and 61 percent of teen prostitutes say they were raped as children. Brett Myers /Youth Radio hide caption

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