Netherlands' Health Care Reflects National Values()  

July 17, 2008 The Dutch like their health care system, even when things don't go exactly as they want. This is in no small part because the system reflects national values such as pragmatism and stoicism — something especially apparent when it comes to matters of birth and death.


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Health Care Innovations

After-Hours Doctor Calls Save Holland Money()  

Paramedic Gerard Kuil (left) and family doctor Pascale Paques

July 17, 2008 In the Netherlands, evening and weekend physician house calls are routine. This seems like a luxury to Americans. But it actually saves the Dutch system money by keeping non-urgent cases out of expensive hospital emergency rooms.


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Health Care Innovations

In The U.S. And Holland, Diabetes Looks Different()  

Dr. Steve Edelman

July 16, 2008 The Netherlands' health care system resembles a giant HMO in many ways. Unlike in the U.S., however, Dutch citizens are universally insured, and the system is organized around encouraging preventive care for patients with chronic illness.


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