A Gluten-Free Holiday Table()  

A dining table set for the holidays with linens, candlesticks, clementines and gourds.

December 19, 2012 Dealing with varied dietary restrictions may seem daunting and can add yet another complication to this glorious yet hectic season. Don't fret. Keep it simple, fresh and real with these gluten-free and vegetarian — and even some vegan — options.


Belgian Sweets Not Just For 'Sinterklaas'()  

Speculaas Cookies

December 12, 2012 Spiced cookies shaped like windmills or villagers mark celebrations of St. Nicholas (or Sinterklaas) — and remind food writer Emily Hilliard of childhood visits with her grandmother. These speculaas even spawned a "cookie butter" that makes a festive base for a decadent pie.


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At Hanukkah, Pastry Reminds Portland Jews Of Their Mediterranean Roots()  

Called a boyo or bulema, this Turkish-style pastry was traditionally made for the Jewish Shabbat. Today, boyos are mostly reserved for holidays like Hanukkah.

December 8, 2012 The cheese-and-spinach-filled food called a boyo was once served on the Shabbat tables of Jews who lived in the Ottoman Empire. Today, the Turkish-style pastries are mostly reserved for the holidays.


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A Hidden Hanukkah Tale Of A Woman, An Army And Some Killer Cheese()  

This Hanukkah lamp, made in Italy in the 19th century, depicts Judith holding a sword in one hand and the severed head of Holofernes in the other.

December 4, 2012 Many Jewish families celebrate with foods such as latkes and donuts that are fried in oil, to honor a holiday miracle. But some Jews also eat dishes like blintzes and kugels that are made with cheese. How did cheese make it onto the menu? The story starts with a beautiful widow.


Baking Without Flour For The Holidays()  

Almond Crescent Cookies and Ginger Snaps

November 28, 2012 Think outside the bag of white flour that's ubiquitous in the kitchen this time of year. These delights are naturally flour-free yet still utterly delicious.


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No Innocent Spice: The Secret Story Of Nutmeg, Life And Death()  

This copper engraving from approximately 1700 depicts the condition of the English prisoners at the hands of the Dutch. In the 1660s, Cornell University's Eric Tagliacozzo says, the conflict and competition for the spice trade came to a head. "The Dutch decapitated a number of English merchants who were also in the Spice Islands trying to profit from the trade."

November 26, 2012 Nutmeg is a feel-good holiday spice found in cakes and cider, and even spiking our spinach, if we're lucky. But it once caused serious bloodshed and may have even been a reason the Dutch were willing to part with Manhattan back in the 1600s.


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A Thanksgiving Menu That Goes Back To The Roots()  

Three sisters salad

November 21, 2012 The first Thanksgiving was something of a joint venture between pilgrims and Native Americans. Chef Richard Hetzler of Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe shares a menu that celebrates the first settlers and the country's first tribes.


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Comfort And Joy: Making The 'Morning Edition' Julia Child Thanksgiving()  

Julia Child's reassembled Thanksgiving turkey.

November 21, 2012 America's Test Kitchen host Chris Kimball and Renee Montagne cook up a Julia Child-inspired Thanksgiving feast of roast turkey and mashed potatoes. And we remember that she would say, if things go wrong in the kitchen, just keep on going. And have a glass of wine.


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Don't Panic! It's Not Too Late To Plan A Turkey Feast()  

Harried Thanksgiving cooks can save time by roasting a turkey breast, rather than an entire bird, for the holiday meal, says cookbook author Katie Workman.

November 19, 2012 Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but what if you're pressed for time or just a kitchen klutz? Cookbook author Katie Workman says pulling off the holiday meal boils down to simplifying, delegating and letting the supermarket do some of the work.


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The Veggieducken: A Meatless Dish With Gravitas()  

Dan Pashman's Veggieducken

November 18, 2012 Dan Pashman shares his recipe for a Thanksgiving centerpiece that will delight (and/or horrify) vegetarians and omnivores alike. Inspired by the turducken (chicken inside duck inside turkey), the Veggieducken is yams inside leeks inside a banana squash — with stuffing between each layer.


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