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Watch the newcomer from Montenegro play Spanish standards and a passionate ode to his homeland.

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The Civil Wars

Watch Joy Williams and John Paul White's swooning chemistry and stirring harmonies at NPR Music.

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Watch the electro-pop band's striking and infectious performance at the NPR Music offices.

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The Decemberists

With Chris Funk and Sara Watkins, Colin Meloy plays three sparkling songs from The King Is Dead.

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Charlie Siem

Watch the stylish young violinist pull out a bag of tricks in music by Paganini.

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The Black Angels

Hear a bold and surprising mix of sensibilities — at once icy and rustic, cavernous and confined.

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Jackie Evancho

Watch the 11-year-old perform Handel's "Ombra mai fu" at the NPR Music offices.

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Singers Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker perform three songs from their gorgeous new album, C'mon.