Mito Habe-Evans/NPR

Reggie Watts

The comedian and musician performs spontaneous improvisations full of killer grooves and humor.

Claire O'Neill/NPR

Mariachi El Bronx

The band plays with just the right mixture of passion and pathos in a fun set at the NPR offices.

Emily Bogle/NPR

Glen Hansard

Hansard flexes his neck muscles a bit as he performs new songs and deep cuts at the NPR offices.

Claire O'Neill/NPR

Daniel Johnston

Watch three songs by a troubled soul with a talent for writing honest, disarmingly direct music.

Michael Katzif/NPR

Kelly Hogan

The unflappable singer performs three songs with seeming effortlessness and easygoing charm.

Michael Katzif/NPR

Patrick Watson

Watson has a lovely voice and a gift for wringing evocative sounds out of everything he touches.

Emily Bogle/NPR

Canadian Brass

The venerable brass quintet sports virtuosic, fresh-faced players in tried-and-true repertoire.

Doriane Raiman/NPR

Yann Tiersen

Tiersen's rich, liltingly eccentric pop music is constructed from lots of sweet, intricate pieces.

Doriane Raiman/NPR


Rooted in acoustic traditions, the music of Arborea stands out for its calm beauty and rough edges.