Yva Las Vegas plays a Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR Music offices. Lauren Rock/NPR hide caption

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Yva Las Vegass

Watch Las Vegass bring a punk aesthetic to Venezuelan folk music with a cuatro at the NPR offices.

Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra during Tiny Desk at NPR. (Kainaz Amaria/NPR) Kainaz Amaria/NPR hide caption

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Amanda Palmer And The Grand Theft Orchestra

These songs' fervor is the product of a singer armed with intensity and musicians who can match it.

Michael Katzif/NPR

Avi Avital

Avital's mandolin sings with the sounds of Ernest Bloch and a raucous Bulgarian folk tune.

Renaud Garcia Fons performs a Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR Music offices. Michael Katzif/NPR hide caption

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Renaud Garcia-Fons

Watch the renowned double bassist thump, strum and loop his way through three mesmerizing songs.

Rufus Wainwright performs a Tiny Desk Concert, at the NPR Music offices on July 24, 2012. Claire O'Neill/NPR hide caption

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Rufus Wainwright

By the middle of Wainwright's final song, "Montauk," few dry eyes remained in the NPR offices.

The Zombies perform a Tiny Desk Concert. Ebony Bailey/NPR hide caption

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The Zombies

Two surviving members of the band still have the same chemistry here in a stripped-down performance.

Michael Katzif/NPR

Beth Orton

Known for mixing folk and electronics, Orton unveils three new songs with just an acoustic guitar.

Blake Lipthratt/NPR

The Walkmen

The band makes the Tiny Desk accommodate its booming sound rather than the other way around.

Emily Bogle/NPR

Janet Feder

Feder marries classical and folk techniques with otherworldly guitar textures and sounds.