Morning Edition staff, including Melissa Gray and Barry Gordemer, shown here in 2002, aren't immune to mistakes€” or sheer silliness. Courtesy of Jeffrey Katz hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of Jeffrey Katz

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OOPS! 'Morning Edition's' Best Bloopers

Morning Edition hosts recount and replay some of the show's less-than-perfect moments on the air.

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BJ Leiderman is the composer of the theme music heard on NPR's Morning Edition, Weekend Edition and Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! Courtesy of Cole Rian: Jen Haynes & Mel Wils hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of Cole Rian: Jen Haynes & Mel Wils

Bob Edwards was the host of Morning Edition from its 1979 inception until 2004. Max Hirshfeld/NPR hide caption

itoggle caption Max Hirshfeld/NPR

This hazelnut-chocolate spread looks like the iconic Nutella, but it tastes more richly of hazelnuts, says Chris Kimball. Anthony Tieuli/America's Test Kitchen hide caption

itoggle caption Anthony Tieuli/America's Test Kitchen

(left picture) Don Gonyea, Brian Naylor and Scott Horsley on day 1 of the RAGBRAI ride, team No Pie Refused is all smiles in anticipation of the infinite varieties of peach pie (a group favorite) to be tasted on the road ahead. NPR hide caption

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Mug Shot: This relic from an NPR staff event is just one of the fun cups found around our Washington, D.C., headquarters. Melissa Hmelnicky/NPR hide caption

itoggle caption Melissa Hmelnicky/NPR