Former South Carolina Republican Rep. Bob Inglis now runs the Energy and Enterprise Initiative. /Energy and Enterprise Initiative hide caption

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Pinot noir grapes are notoriously finicky about the weather, and climate change has winemakers in Oregon thinking about the future. Greg Wahl-Stephens/AP hide caption

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Somali girls line up to receive a hot meal in Mogadishu last year after the worst drought in the Horn of Africa in decades, compounded by war, put millions in danger of starvation. Roberto Schmmidt/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Waves pound a sea wall in Pacifica, Calif., during a storm in 2010. Small assumptions can make a big difference when putting a price-tag on future disasters. Paul Sakuma/AP hide caption

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Planet Money

Episode 388: Putting A Price Tag On Your Descendants

It's tough to figure out how big price-tags really are when they're far in the future. But getting it wrong can have serious consequences.

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A new program led by the U.S. seeks to limit amounts of soot, hydrofluorocarbons and methane released into the atmosphere. In this file photo from 2009, a researcher ignites trapped methane from under a pond's ice cap in Alaska. Todd Paris/AP hide caption

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