Studies show that kids' household income seems to be a more important predictor of their risk of becoming overweight and obese than their race or ethnicity. Raleigh News & Observer/MCT via Getty Images hide caption

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Students at Doherty Middle School in Andover, Mass., choose items from the salad bar in the school cafeteria, June 2012. Among other things, a Senate compromise on school nutrition standards calls for the USDA and the CDC to establish new guidance that would encourage the use of salad bars. Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor/Getty hide caption

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The FDA worries that the same alkaline treatment that gives corn masa its distinctive aroma and flavor might also prevent folic acid from remaining stable in masa. The agency is currently reviewing test results looking at the question of stability. VerĂ³nica Zaragovia for NPR hide caption

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Asthma is a big cause of school absences and can cause parents to miss work, too. AJPhoto/Science Source hide caption

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The Alto Yellowjackets take the field on Nov. 13, a month after Matthews died. Lauren Silverman/NPR hide caption

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Brain imaging experiments found patterns associated with attention span. iStockphoto hide caption

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Gretchen Burns-Bergman (center) speaks Wednesday at a rally in front of the White House about ending mass incarceration of drug users. Angus Chen/NPR hide caption

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Jessica Roberts and her father, Alan Roberts, who has struggled with addiction himself. They are both clean and hope to break the cycle of addiction with the newest generation of their family. Mallory Yu/NPR hide caption

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