Dr. Esther Dalizu holds a pack of Coartem Malaria drugs in a pharmacy in Nairobi, Kenya, last year. Sayyid Azim/AP hide caption

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Under the microscope, Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. The germs that cause TB have become resistant to many drugs. Janice Haney Carr/CDC hide caption

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Doctors may recommend that obese patients use weight-loss drugs to trick their hunger pangs. iStockphoto.com hide caption

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A PET scan of the brain of a person with Alzheimer's disease. U.S. National Institute on Aging/Wikimedia Commons hide caption

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When it comes to pain relief for kids, there may be better options than codeine. iStockphoto.com hide caption

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The pharmacy at Atlanta's Ponce de Leon Center stocks medications for 5,200 HIV/AIDS patients. Workers there aren't sure how much an increase in federal aid will help cut Georgia's waiting list for a HIV drug-assistance program. Jim Burress/WABE, Atlanta hide caption

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Dr. Lisa Sterman holds Truvada pills at her office in San Francisco. The drug was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration to prevent infection in people at high risk of infection with HIV. The pill, already used to treat people with HIV, also helps reduce the odds they will spread the virus. Jeff Chiu/AP hide caption

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Activist Alexandra Volgina (right) accepts the Red Ribbon Award at the 19th International AIDS Conference for her grassroots group Patients in Control, which has worked to improve HIV treatment programs in Russia. Ryan Rayburn/IAS hide caption

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