A judge has approved the settlement terms of a lawsuit over the way Anheuser-Busch labels its U.S.-made, German-style Beck's beer. Braca Nadezdic Fotografix/iStockphoto hide caption

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Pabst Blue Ribbon was founded in Milwaukee in 1844, where it remained until 1996. Now a hipster favorite, the old-timer is making its way home — back to the very same seven-block complex it left behind. LaToya Dennis for NPR hide caption

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At Anise, a bar in Beirut, Lebanon, beloved local herbs like za'atar, sage and rosemary are making their way into cocktails. "We want to do something fresh in our cocktails," says co-owner Marwan Matar. Alice Fordham/NPR hide caption

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The Smuttynose Towle Farm brewery in Hampton, N.H., has an invisible but tight envelope that keeps the interior temperature consistently cool or warm, prevents energy loss and ultimately saves money. Courtesy of Smuttynose Brewing Company hide caption

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Central Michigan University has announced a new certificate program in "fermentation science," and James Holton's company, Mountain Town Station Brewing Co., will help give CMU students hands-on brewing experience. Steve Jessmore/Central Michigan University via AP hide caption

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Brewers pay a federal tax on each barrel of beer they produce. Two proposals on Capitol Hill would lower that tax for small brewers, but not everyone's on board. Steve Helber/AP hide caption

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The Salt

A Craft Beer Tax Battle Is Brewing On Capitol Hill

Craft beer is a rapidly growing industry, and Washington lawmakers have noticed. Two proposed bills would lower the federal excise tax for small brewers.

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Clean Water Services held a brewing competition in Sept. 2014, inviting 13 homebrewers to make beer from its purified wastewater (as well as water from other sources). Now the company is asking the state for permission for brewers to use its wastewater product exclusively to make beer. /Courtesy of Clean Water Services hide caption

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Allagash Brewing microbiologist and head of quality control Zach Bodah's favorite microscope picture of Brettanomyces (taken in house). The culture comes from Confluence Ale and is a blend of the Allagash house yeast and Brett yeast. Courtesy of Zach Bodah/Allagash hide caption

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