Part of the main street in Hilo, Hawaii, was flattened by a tsunami in April 1946. That big wave was triggered by a quake near the Aleutian Islands, where the edges of two tectonic plates continue to collide. Bettmann/Corbis hide caption

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Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods has created an Internet interface so customers can zoom in and view information about specific koa trees from their computers. Courtesy of Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods hide caption

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Native Hawaiians dance in honor of Mauna Kea at the base of Pu'u Huluhulu on the Big Island. Molly Solomon/NPR hide caption

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Hawaii ranks 49th in the nation for use of home health care services during the last six months of someone's life. Videos from ACP Decisions show patients what their options are at the end of life. ACP Decisions hide caption

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Mount Etna erupted on March 28, 1983. Lava flows destroyed homes and tourist destinations causing millions of dollars' worth of damage. Teams scrambled to divert the massive flow. Courtesy of John Lockwood hide caption

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The lava flow from Kilauea Volcano crossed Apa'a Street near Cemetery Road, near the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii, on Friday. The flow began June 27; residents in the flow path have now been told to prepare for a possible evacuation. U.S. Geological Survey/AP hide caption

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A large wave on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, sucks sand off of the seafloor and into the wave itself. This photo is the cover image of Clark Little's latest coffee table book, Shorebreak. Clark Little hide caption

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Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 after its arrival on Monday at Maui's Kahului Airport. After the same flight landed on Sunday, a California teen emerged from the left rear wheel well. Oskar Garcia/AP hide caption

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The underbelly of a Boeing 767, the type of plane on which a teenager stowed away by hiding inside one of the rear wheel wells (in background) during a flight from California to Hawaii. He survived. Dirk-Jan Kraan/Flickr Creative Commons hide caption

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