Kalu James moved to Austin, Texas, eight years ago, but bought health insurance for the first time this year. Twenty percent of the city's musicians live below the federal poverty line. Veronica Zaragovia/KUT hide caption

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In San Antonio, a church-based group is helping to raise the minimum wage for city employees. Koocheekoo/Flickr hide caption

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Flares and electric lights on oil well pads illuminate low-hanging clouds near Watford City, North Dakota. Andrew Cullen hide caption

toggle caption Andrew Cullen

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell says she's willing to work with Texas leaders to craft a unique Medicaid plan for the state. Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Landov hide caption

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It's a basement bar in Tokyo, but patrons of Little Texas say the place feels like it's part of the Lone Star State. Elise Hu/NPR hide caption

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Finding A Little Texas ... In The Heart Of Tokyo

In a basement in Tokyo, line dancers and country music crooners help transport bargoers from Japan's capital to the Lone Star State.

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Chromosomes and double helix over silhouettes of man Lee Woodgate/Ikon Images/Getty Images hide caption

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A car filled with bales of marijuana is seen at a police station in La Grulla, Texas, in 2013. A lot of drugs pass through the Border Patrol inspection station in Brooks County, where La Grulla is located; it, too, is refusing to take checkpoint cases. Eric Thayer/Reuters/Landov hide caption

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None of the biocontainment treatment centers in U.S. hospitals were specifically designed for kids — until now. Texas Children's Hospital aims to fill that gap. Courtesy of Texas Children's Hospital hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of Texas Children's Hospital

Ahmed Mohamed speaks during a news conference on Wednedsay in Irving, Texas. The 14-year-old was detained for building what a teacher thought was a bomb; it was an alarm clock. Ben Torres/Getty Images hide caption

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Mourners stand near the casket of Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, on Friday. Two people who were with the deputy on the night he was killed told his family Friday that he wasn't alone when he died. Aaron M. Sprecher/Getty Images hide caption

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