In the Father to Child Summer Camp Behind Bars program, kids can bond with their fathers while staying at a campground near prison. Geray Williams, an inmate at the North Branch Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md., gets a hug from his son Sanchez during the weeklong camp in 2010. Timothy Jacobsen/AP hide caption

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A watchtower rises above the maximum security complex at Pelican Bay State Prison near Crescent City, Calif. Ben Margot/AP hide caption

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Igor Davydenko sits in his cell at a Siberian prison where inmates are treated for drug-resistant tuberculosis. Konstantin Salomatin/for NPR hide caption

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Sean Kelley, senior vice president at the Eastern State Penitentiary, displays a plate of "food loaf," a punishment food currently served in Pennsylvania prisons. Over the weekend, the historic penitentiary, now a museum, served visitors sample meals from the 1800s, 1900s and today. Matt Rourke/AP hide caption

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Stephen Slevin, who spent more than 22 months in solitary confinement despite not being convicted of a crime, is seen here in Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department photos, before and after his time in solitary. AP hide caption

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