Skimping on health insurance carries a hidden price for some fast-food restaurants. Paula Connelly/Getty Images hide caption

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A pharmacist counts pain pills. In an effort to curb the abuse of Oxycontin, Vicodin and other opioid painkillers, some health plans in Massachusetts now limit a patient's initial prescription to a 15-day supply, and plan to halve that number in February. Gabe Souza/Getty Images hide caption

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is following through on a promise he made to drop the state-run health insurance exchange in favor of the federal Timothy D. Easley/AP hide caption

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Bupropion, sold under the name Wellbutrin, is an antidepressant often prescribed to help a person quit smoking. Michelle Del Guercio/Science Source hide caption

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Duke Gillingham, president of Oasis Foods, in Hillside, N.J., says about two-thirds of his roughly 180 employees declined to enroll in the company health plan for 2015. Many make less than $15 an hour, and found the company plan too expensive. Fred Mogul/WNYC hide caption

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A 12-week regimen of Harvoni is 90 percent effective in curing an infection with hepatitis C, doctors say. It also costs about $95,000. Baltimore Sun/TNS via Getty Images hide caption

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Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy unveiled his budget to the legislature last February, but the year's expenditures were greater than income. Connecticut's leaders voted to cut hospital funding to help close the gap. Jessica Hill/AP hide caption

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Kalu James moved to Austin, Texas, eight years ago, but bought health insurance for the first time this year. Twenty percent of the city's musicians live below the federal poverty line. Veronica Zaragovia/KUT hide caption

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