Dr. Lars Aanning, seen at his home outside Yankton, S.D., said he lied to protect a colleague in a malpractice case. Now, Aanning is a patient safety advocate. Jay Pickthorn/AP for ProPublica hide caption

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Jay Pickthorn/AP for ProPublica

Dr. Kunal Saha (far right) and Anuradha were married in Calcutta, India in 1985. She died 11 years later after being prescribed a dangerous dose of a steroid. Courtesy of Kunal Saha hide caption

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Courtesy of Kunal Saha

Alana and Troy Pack died in 2003 when a woman abusing pain pills hit the children with her car. The accident has led to a ballot measure that, among other things, would put new constraints on physicians. Courtesy of the Pack family hide caption

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Courtesy of the Pack family

California Ballot Measure Pits Doctors Against Lawyers

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Nearly $1.3 billion was paid in malpractice claims for outpatient events in 2009. Mark Winfrey (EyeMark)/iStockphoto.com hide caption

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Mark Winfrey (EyeMark)/iStockphoto.com