Patrick Awuah is one of this year's MacArthur "genius" grant winners. The former Microsoft engineer was honored for establishing a new kind of school in his native Ghana. Andrew Heavens/TED hide caption

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You've got to get down — literally — when greeting someone in Northern Ghana. Kiley Shields for NPR hide caption

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Goats and Soda

Hello, I Must Be Squatting

You're a new Peace Corps volunteer in Northern Ghana. A villager comes by. Do you a) give a high-five, b) nod your head respectfully, or c) squat and say "n naa."

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Kwesi Bido, 14, (right) stops to fix 13-year-old Inusa Mohammed's flip flop. Both spend evenings and weekends searching for scrap at Agbogbloshie, an electronic waste dump in Accra, Ghana. Courtesy of Yepoka Yeebo hide caption

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Farmer Issiaka Ouedraogo lays cocoa beans out to dry on reed mats, on a farm outside the village of Fangolo, Ivory Coast. Rebecca Blackwell/AP hide caption

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Kwame Nkrumah Masoleum is the final resting place of Ghana's first president, who led the campaign to liberate Ghana from colonial rule on March 6, 1957. neate photos/flickr hide caption

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