Jonette Øyen with her Nissan Leaf outside the National Archives in Norway, where she works. Next month Norway is expected to become the first country where one in every 100 cars is purely electric. Sidsel Overgaard /NPR hide caption

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This illustration, provided by artist Jonas Dahlberg, shows his vision for a "memory wound" near the Norwegian island where dozens of people died during an attack by a right-wing extremist in 2011. Jonas Dahlbert Studio/EPA/Landov hide caption

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Actors on Oslo, Norway, rehearse a scene from Bibelen, a six-hour play based on a nontraditional interpretation of the Bible. Interest in the Bible and biblical stories has surged in secularized Norway. AP hide caption

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In May 2011, uncollected rubbish piled up in Naples, Italy. Sweden hopes Italy might be willing to export the problem. AFP/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Anders Behring Breivik in court today. Odd Andersen /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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People gathered in Oslo today to sing Children of the Rainbow, in a demonstration against the views of killer Anders Behring Breivik. Kyrre Lien/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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An oil platform in the Norwegian sea. Marcel Mochet/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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