A chicken house in Seagrove, N.C. North Carolina is one of the country's largest poultry producers. As farms move closer to residential areas, neighbors are complaining that the waste generated is a potential health hazard. Kelly Bennett/MCT via Getty Images hide caption

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Millet isn't just one grain but, rather, a ragbag group of small-seeded grasses. Hardy, gluten-free and nutritious, millet has become an "it" grain in recent years. billy1125/Flickr hide caption

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Mariama Keita, a farmer in Senegal, uses her cellphone to figure out the best time to harvest her peanut plants. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton/NPR hide caption

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A hollow log hive in the Cevennes region of France reveals the details of circular comb architecture of the Western honeybee. New research shows the partnership between humans and bees goes back to the beginnings of agriculture. Eric Tourneret/Nature hide caption

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A field near harvest time at Meyers Farm in Bethel, Alaska, can now grow crops like cabbage outside in the ground, due to rising temperatures. Daysha Eaton/KYUK hide caption

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Paul Mesple is a fig farmer near the Central Valley town of Chowchilla, Calif. He and his partner farm around 2,000 acres of figs. Ezra David Romero/Valley Public Radio hide caption

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Adrian G. Hunsberger, an urban horticulture agent of the University of Florida, shows a carambola, also known as starfruit. It's one of the many fruits that have been quarantined in South Florida amid concerns over an outbreak of the Oriental fruit fly. Alan Diaz/AP hide caption

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United has purchased 15 million gallons of renewable jet fuel made from beef tallow, or fat, by Alt Air Fuels and plans to use the fuel this year for Los Angeles-to-San Francisco flights. Tony Ruppe/United hide caption

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Pizza night on the Stoney Acres Farm in Athens, Wis. John Ivanko/Courtesy of Stoney Acres Farm hide caption

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Not only did the family trade their urban life for one in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and trees, but they also earn $300,000 a year. Ari Shapiro/NPR hide caption

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Pam Marrone (right), founder and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations, inspects some colonies of microbes. Marrone has spent most of her professional life prospecting for microbial pesticides and bringing them to market. Dan Charles/NPR hide caption

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