In the 1990s, Trump wanted to acquire Vera Coking's three-story house in Atlantic City, N.J., to build a limousine parking lot. His allies at the state's casino reinvestment authority tried unsuccessfully to seize it. Mel Evans/AP hide caption

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A view of Atlantic City, N.J., in October. Two of the towering casinos in this photo, the Showboat (third tower from left) and the Revel (far right) closed last year. Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post hide caption

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Paul Smith, a single father and a longtime cook at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, is worried about losing his health benefits if the casino closes in December. Rob Szypko/NPR hide caption

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Atlantic City, N.J., has seen four casinos close this year, and a fifth may soon follow. Officials are trying to diversify the city's economy by weaning itself from gambling, its biggest industry. Yuki Noguchi/NPR hide caption

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The Revel was one of four Atlantic City casinos to shut down this year. Mel Evans/AP hide caption

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Atlantic City Falls From Glittering Resort To Bargain Basement

With four casinos shuttered, a fifth on the brink and 7,000 jobs lost, the once-glittery Atlantic City ponders a path to the future.

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