From a scapegoat for the "sapping" of the "white race," to a symbol of modern engineering, to a target of the counterculture movement: White bread's been a social lightning rod time and again. iStockphoto hide caption

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Bite into that bread before your main meal, and you'll spike your blood sugar and amp up your appetite. Waiting until the end of your dinner to nosh on bread can blunt those effects. iStockphoto hide caption

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Sourdough loaves made by Fromartz with a bolted white flour from Anson Mills in South Carolina that he says reminded him of the wheat he'd tasted in southern France. Samuel Fromartz hide caption

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Cucumbers tend to slide out the back of a sandwich when confronted with bite force, writes Pashman in Eat More Better. Courtesy of Alex Eben Meyer, Simon & Schuster hide caption

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Rabin bread on a rock at the farmers market in Plainfield prior to setting up the table. Jon Kalish for NPR hide caption

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The most healthful loaves of bread contain chunks of grain still intact, like the seeded loaf on the right. Whole wheat loaves, like the one in the middle, may contain few whole grains and may be made up mostly of refined flour, like the white bread on the left. Meg Vogel/NPR hide caption

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Baguettes head into a giant oven at Le Grenier a Pain Bakery. Eleanor Beardsley/NPR hide caption

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A man makes bread as residents, background, stand in line in front of a bakery during heavy fighting between Free Syrian Army fighters and government forces in Aleppo, Syria, on Dec. 4, 2012. Narciso Contreras/Associated Press hide caption

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