Mariatu Kamara is a former prostitute who was trained to become a motorbike taxi driver. Despite police harassment and restrictions on where taxis can operate, she is determined to make her new life work. Olivia Acland for NPR hide caption

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Olivia Acland for NPR

A girl in a park in Managua, Nicaragua. The country topped the list for gains in happiness. Nicolas Garcia/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Nicolas Garcia/AFP/Getty Images

Global Ranking Of Happiness Has Happy News For Norway And Nicaragua

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A corpse has tested positive for the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, a day after world health officials declared West Africa free of the disease. On Friday, people pass a banner reading "STOP EBOLA" — part of Sierra Leone's health campaign — in the city of Freetown. Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville/AP hide caption

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Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville/AP

A unidentified family member (right) of a 10-year-old boy that contracted Ebola has her temperature measured by a health worker outside an Ebola clinic on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia, on Nov. 20. Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have now gone 42 days without a single reported case of Ebola. Abbas Dulleh /AP hide caption

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Abbas Dulleh /AP

Medical workers surround 34-day-old Noubia, the last known patient to contract Ebola in Guinea, as she was released from a Doctors Without Borders treatment center in Conakry on Nov. 28. Cellou Binani /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Cellou Binani /AFP/Getty Images

The WHO says transmission of Ebola has stopped in Sierra Leone. In August, Adama Sankoh, center, who contracted the virus after her son died from the disease, was cheered after being discharged from a treatment center near Freetown. Alie Turay/AP hide caption

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Alie Turay/AP

Nurse Kaci Hickox speaks to the media last year outside her home in Fort Kent, Maine. Hickox, who sharply protested being quarantined at a New Jersey hospital in 2014 after she returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa, has filed a lawsuit against the state of New Jersey. Robert F. Bukaty/AP hide caption

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Robert F. Bukaty/AP

When Dr. Boie Jalloh got the call to join the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone, his friends told him he'd be crazy to sign on. It's a good thing he didn't listen. Aurelie Marrier Dunienville for NPR hide caption

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Aurelie Marrier Dunienville for NPR

A celebration erupts in the streets of the Massessehbeh village on Friday, after President Ernest Bai Koroma officially ended Sierra Leone's largest remaining Ebola quarantine. Sunday Alamba/AP hide caption

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Sunday Alamba/AP

Nurse Issa French with his wife Anita, who's holding a copy of Time magazine's issue devoted to front-line workers. He's earned that title, treating more than 420 Ebola patients. Amy Maxmen for NPR hide caption

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Amy Maxmen for NPR