Egypt's justice ministry says it will begin strictly enforcing a law requiring foreign men to pay to marry a woman 25 years younger or more. Human rights groups say the law only bolsters a business that preys on the poor and the vulnerable. George Peters/Getty Images hide caption

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Aniket Sathe, 15, is in a program that's trying to persuade India's boys to treat girls as their equals. Here he's pictured with his younger sister, Aarati, 12, waiting for the rain to stop before walking her to school. Poulomi Basu / VII Photo/for NPR hide caption

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Pakistani women queue to cast their ballots last month at a polling station during local government elections in Lahore, one of the country's biggest cities. In other areas, local tradition can prevent women from voting. JAMIL AHMED/Xinhua /Landov hide caption

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Members of the women's suffrage movement prepare to march on New York's Wall Street in 1913, armed with leaflets and slogans demanding the vote for women. Paul Thompson/Getty Images hide caption

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Fatima Haidari, second from the right, and her bike riding club caught the attention of Humans of Kabul — the Afghanistan version of the popular Humans of New York blog. David Fox/Courtesy of Humans of Kabul hide caption

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Haneen Radi, an Arab Israeli, wants to organize a marathon for her town of Tira, but was told the run couldn't include women. When she insisted, she received threats, and the back window of her car was shot out. Emily Harris/NPR hide caption

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Female soldiers perform martial arts at a ceremony in Jakarta. Women in Indonesia must undergo an invasive "virginity test" to join the military. Agung Kuncahya B. /Xinhua/Landov hide caption

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Women stage a protest demanding equal pay for women at a 2012 rally in Miami. J Pat Carter/AP hide caption

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A year ago, Lina says her parents took her to Yemen because her grandmother was gravely ill. But when the family arrived, Lina's father announced that she would be getting married to a local man. Renee Deschamps/Getty Images/Vetta hide caption

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A view of the eastern entrance to the Ohio Statehouse. Bob Hall/Flickr hide caption

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Nimco Ali was 7 when her parents took her Djibouti to have her genitals mutilated. Now the 30-year-old is a leading activist against the practice in England. Courtesy of West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner hide caption

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