They might be hard to remember sometimes, but good passwords may be the best defense against hackers. iStockphoto hide caption

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Alexis Madrigal suggests you turn on the two-step verification on any site that has it. iStock hide caption

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Try 1-2-3-4 and there's a fair chance you'll get in. Kristian Dowling/Getty Images hide caption

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The Two-Way

Please Tell Us Your Password Isn't 1-2-3-4

When it comes to creating passwords, many of us are amazingly unimaginative. How about you? Or do you have some great tips for how to create unbreakable codes?

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Hackers used loopholes in the security at Amazon and Apple to obtain personal information about a Wired writer, who says his entire digital life was "destroyed." Experts say to ward off hackers, pick good passwords and get rid of unused accounts. hide caption

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Your crafty password may not be powerful enough to overcome a cyberattacker. Earlier this month, LinkedIn urged its users to change their passwords after a database was hacked, exposing millions of passwords. Mihai Simonia/ hide caption

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