Fireworks explode over the National Mall during the 2015 July 4 fireworks show in Washington, D.C. For its 2016 Independence Day show, PBS used stock footage from previous shows, due to bad weather in the capital. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption

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A multi-vehicle crash reportedly killed one person and set off explosions in a truck carrying fireworks on I-94 west of Battle Creek, Mich., Friday. Mark Bugnaski/MLIVE.COM /Landov hide caption

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At least 28 people were injured Thursday in Simi Valley, Calif., when many of the fireworks at a July 4th celebration ignited too close to the ground. People there caught the accident and posted videos. hide caption

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Oops. A "premature ignition" in San Diego sent an entire fireworks show off at once. hide caption

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KABOOM! San Diego's Entire Fireworks Show Ignites At Once

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