After Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected as the 266th pontiff, he chose the name Pope Francis. His installation Mass could come early next week. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images hide caption

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Pope Francis as he waved to the crowd in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on Wednesday. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images hide caption

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Black smoke rose from the chimney on the Sistine Chapel at midday Wednesday in Vatican City. That means the cardinals have not yet chosen a new pope. Pool/Reuters /Landov hide caption

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Pope John II, whose name at birth was Mercurius. When he became pope in 533 he changed his name — starting a tradition that continues. Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption

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As the black smoke rose from the Vatican chimney Tuesday, some of the nuns and others gathered in St. Peter's Square were singing. Eric Gaillard /Reuters /Landov hide caption

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Roman Catholic cardinals have been meeting at the Vatican to get to know each other better and to set a date for the start of the conclave that will choose the next pope. On Thursday, this cardinal was walking to one of those meetings. Vincenzo Pinto /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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In Vatican City's St. Peter's Square on Wednesday, a man looked at the Italian magazine Chi's photo of former Pope Benedicxt XVI — the first such image since he stepped down last week. Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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That's not a real bishop on the left: A man later identified as Ralph Napierski of Germany (at left) posed with Cardinal Sergio Sebiastiana and others on Monday at the Vatican. Napierski was an imposter. He was later escorted from the area by Swiss Guards. Vincenzo Pinto /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Roman Catholic cardinals at the Vatican on Thursday, as Pope Benedict XVI bid them goodbye. Now they must turn to choosing his successor. Osservatore Romano /Reuters /Landov hide caption

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A final blessing: Pope Benedict XVI as he blessed those gathered outside his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo on Thursday. He's not expected to make any more public appearances. Tony Gentile /Reuters /Landov hide caption

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Then-Cardinal Keith O'Brien, archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh, at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City last week. Franco Origlia/Getty Images hide caption

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Pope Benedict XVI (left) and Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan in 2011. Scola is among those seen as a likely successor to Benedict. Vincenzo Pinto /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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