A cover crop of rye grass comes up in a field in eastern Nebraska. Cover crops help hold moisture and nitrogen in the soil. They can reduce nitrate runoff and erosion. Grant Gerlock/Harvest Public Media hide caption

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Students sort grapes at the University of California, Davis research winery. The winery is experimenting with various methods to conserve water. The hope is that commercial wineries will follow suit. Courtesy of Karen L Block/UC Davis hide caption

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Pig farmer Armando Escaño stands with his Iberian pigs on his farm on western Spain's dehesa. Escaño raises pigs for jamón ibérico, Spain's most prized ham. Lauren Frayer for NPR hide caption

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Jordi Elias/Corbis

Fashion designer Natalie Chanin stands in front of in-progress garments at the Alabama Chanin Factory. Chanin and Billy Reid, internationally acclaimed designers, have teamed up to test the concept of organic, sustainable cotton farming and garment-making. Debbie Elliott/NPR hide caption

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Although food entrepreneur Tim West's family legacy is in Doritos chips, he wants to shake up the food system — with sustainable, healthful food. Vignesh Ramachandran/Ozy hide caption

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Gorillas in Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo, in 2013. Great apes like the gorilla have become increasingly threatened by the expansion of palm oil production in Africa. Brent Stirton/WWF/Canon/Getty Images hide caption

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Legume Chef Trevett Hooper and butcher Tyler Mossman with large beef cuts in the restaurant's kitchen. Ashley Rose/Courtesy of Trevett Hooper hide caption

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Askinosie buys beans directly from small farmers. The goal: better quality control, and more cash to the growers. Bob Linder/Courtesy of Askinosie Chocolate hide caption

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