In the current version of the Fitnet App, the camera of an exerciser's smartphone captures data from him (upper left), while a prerecorded trainer guides him through a workout. A clock (bottom center) shows elapsed time. The orange dots (upper left) indicate he's following her routine well, as judged by the camera and phone's app. The app can also estimate the exerciser's number of steps. Courtesy of FitNet hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of FitNet
Katherine Streeter for NPR

A dog named Sky activates the tug sensor on the FIDO vest. The vest is a piece of wearable technology designed to allow working dogs to perform more tasks and communicate more information. Rob Felt/Courtesy of Georgia Tech hide caption

toggle caption Rob Felt/Courtesy of Georgia Tech

The Navigate Jacket from Wearable Experiments uses GPS navigation and a mapping app on the wearer's smartphone to signal directions. It's part of a new trend of wearable tech that some speculate will be a billion-dollar industry. Rupert Kaldor /Wearable Experiments hide caption

toggle caption Rupert Kaldor /Wearable Experiments

A drawing from Apple's patent application could give clues to the rumored iWatch device. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office hide caption

toggle caption U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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